HVAC4U Limited Engineered Solutions & Components

Headquartered in Burnley in the United Kingdom, HVAC4U Limited offers a range of high quality engineering products sourced from quality international suppliers, to help maximise the control of HVAC systems, both domestic and large scale commercial.

Our product solutions include German quality engineering from Jurgen Schlösser, providing radiator and under-floor heating control for domestic HVAC systems, including thermostatic valves and design fittings.

Our rubber bellows, steel compensators and flexible hoses are also quality German manufacture.  They are used in a variety of applications and industries from HVAC systems in the construction industry to power generation, Ministry of Defence, Shipping, Petrochemical as well as Food & Agricultural equipment.

Used in rotating equipment and when small installation misalignments need to be addressed, our rubber bellows and steel compensators ensure the highest degree of noise and vibration isolation whilst considerably prolonging equipment lifetime.  For more demanding applications we also offer DIN 4809 steel wire reinforced bellows.

In addition we also provide a world leading HVAC monitoring system invented by our partners at Hevasure Ltd that provides those with large, complicated HVAC systems with 24/7 monitoring that enables proactive systems management.  The monitoring solution provides system health checks and immediate detection of system failures, providing peace of mind for those operating or maintaining critical systems.  For the first time, our comprehensive monitoring solution allows Facilities management companies, building owners and installers to be sure that heating and cooling systems work correctly from day one and continue to run effectively and efficiently.

HVAC4U Limited have over 20 years combined experience in providing engineering solutions to a breadth of clients.

Fastening Solutions

As the authorised representative of the US based Sherex Fastening Solutions Inc. in the United Kingdom we offer the full product and tooling range available from this world class company, providing guidance on the choice of which fastening solution is right for you, through delivery and after sales support and service.  We supply into many major industries including Automotive, Aerospace, White Goods and Medical.