Hevasure Ltd protects expensive HVAC assets and reduces risk by continuously monitoring the parameters that cause corrosion and system failure. Hevasure is a unique clean-technology spin-off from one of the UK’s leading corrosion consultancies, Midland Corrosion Services, and supplies corrosion monitoring equipment and corrosion monitoring services within building services.

Early in 2011 we recognised the need for a fully integrated system for monitoring HVAC systems that was easy to install (plug and play) and scalable. Three years and a lot of investment later the Hevasure Monitoring system became a commercial reality – proven in real systems and available now to protect your water system assets. Our sister company, Midland Corrosion Services provides advice, expert witness and specialist laboratory testing on all matters related to corrosion.

Leading the fight against corrosion

Our mission is to consign corrosion and corrosion-caused damage in HVAC systems to history. We do this by proactively monitoring the conditions that cause corrosion and advising clients on appropriate interventions. We reduce the risks and potentially huge costs associated with system failures, significantly improve water systems’ efficiencies and help to reduce the environmental footprint of our clients.

Why monitor?

Monitor – to protect your assets.
Corrosion is the unseen enemy of heating and chilled water systems resulting in premature failure of components, collateral damage and huge costs as buildings become unusable. Don’t rely on water sampling to protect your valuable assets. Install the most comprehensive monitoring system available and relax knowing that everything is under control.… and improve efficiency and sustainability.
Hevasure helps you to achieve sustainability targets – and save money – by preventing loss of efficiency and reducing waste, as well as supporting asset management best practice (PAS 55 & ISO 55000)

Applications include:

•    Mission critical installations
•    Hospitals
•    Large commercial buildings
•    Large public sector buildings
•    District heating schemes

The Hevasure Premier service is the full, comprehensive service for total peace of mind, and is readily applicable to both new and existing buildings:

•    Provision of all monitoring equipment and assistance with installation
•    24 × 7 monitoring of key parameters of a heating or chilled water system with alerts being sent out if critical levels exceeded 
•    Regular reports to managers providing management summary, details of alerts sent out during the period, graphical presentation of results from all sensors; and, most importantly, recommendations to improve the system performance and keep it operating in peak health.
•    Access to first line support including recalibration of sensors, replacement of parts and telephone help desk (not 24 hours).

The Hevasure Health Check service is aimed at existing buildings and provides a short term assessment (monitoring period up to 3 months) of the prevailing conditions.

24 × 7 monitoring of key parameters of a heating or chilled water system with alerts being sent out if critical levels exceeded
Detailed ‘Health-Check’ report at end of period providing all data (in graphical format) with an assessment of the state of the system
(optional) Use of corrosion coupons to assess corrosion rates on different metals in the system
(optional) Water analysis (chemical and / or microbial)
(optional) Physical assessment of the condition of pipework and components
(optional) Site visit (UK only) to assess aspects of design and quality of build

The Hevasure Dashboard service is aimed at new or existing builds where the building owner or maintenance company wish to have access to the dashboard to monitor the results themselves. The dashboard not only shows the real-time measurements of multiple parameters but can be configured to show when parameters are acceptable or nearing critical levels (traffic lights). The dashboard also provides access to graphs showing trends over a selected time period.

Provision of all monitoring equipment and assistance with installation
Access to web system to enable view of dashboard and graphical functions
Training course on aspects of corrosion and interpretation of data
Access to first line support including recalibration of sensors and replacement of parts

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