Sherex Fastening Solutions

Sherex Fastening Solutions is a global manufacturer with a unique market approach in engineered fastening solutions. Combining fasteners, tooling, and automation to deliver the best solution at the lowest total installed cost. Sherex manufactures products for the Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Agriculture and Construction Equipment, General Industrial, and Heavy Truck markets.

HVAC4U is the authorised representative of Sherex Fastening Solutions in the United Kingdom, we are able to provide all of the information and guidance you need on the full range of products and tools.  Included in the catalogue are Sherex's industry leading RIV-FLOAT® Rivet Nuts, Large Thread Rivet Nuts and Full Hex Rivet Nuts.  You can find a further details on these innovative products below and for the full catalogue range of Sherex Fastening Solutions simply click here >   


Sherex RIV-FLOAT® Rivet Nuts

Sherex RIV-FLOAT® Rivet Nuts for Off Center Applications ensure easy, accurate, and fast attachment of components in off center applications. The internally floating threads on RIV-FLOAT® Rivet Nuts allow for component attachments in off center applications and can accommodate for tolerance stack up in the manufacturing process.  The floating nut (.020" radial float) aligns to drive the angle of the screw virtually eliminating cross threading and spin-out. RIV-FLOAT® was designed for installation post finish in applications where cage nuts, floating nut plates or weld nuts are typically used. RIV-FLOAT® is installed with the new Hydro-Pneumatic.


Large Thread Rivet Nuts

Sherex Large Thread Rivert Nuts are the first product line of its kind offering Rivet Nuts up to 3/4-10.  Some of the features and benefits of these large rivet nuts include the ability to provide a strong thread in thin sheet materials, they can be installed from one side of a work piece, they don't need to be welded to a base material and they are available in round body or full hex body.


Full Hex Rivet Nuts

This range of full hex rivet nuts have many benefits including providing increased spin out resistance over round body and half hex body rivet nuts, they provide a strong thread in thin sheet materials, can be installed from one side of the work piece and do not need to be welded to the base material.